Tweet4Meat 2013


Tweet4Meat 2013

Tweet4Meat 2013

Time to boar the world

We thought about teaching the world to sing (in perfect harmony). But settled for a hashtag to bring hocks of happiness. So we’ll #Tweet4Meat to raise money for Heifer International, Dec.4-11.

Heifer International, if you’re unfamiliar, provides the world’s poor with livestock, tools for sustainable farming and help developing other local sources of income so they may feed and care for themselves. Sort of like teaching a man to fish — but with chickens, goats, seeds and hoes.

The tweeters who sent you here hope to raise $7,000 total in donations during the third annual Tweet4Meat. In real terms, that buys 28 water buffalo (water sold seperately), fforty ssix llamas or 350 flocks of chicks (some of which will cross the road) or 300 rabbits (and counting).

Help us make hordes of honeybees and camel toes someone else’s problem. Browse the catalog of possibilities or learn more about Heifer International on the Nonprofit tab (above).

Click the DONATE button and provide for a family and a community in need.

Follow #Tweet4Meat Dec. 4-11, and tweet and RT as your conscience and sense of humor permits.

Thank you, (mostly in alphabetical order)

FlyoverJoel • juicymorsel • gneicco • alisonforns • AmberTozer •AngelaHelga • anythingatonce • BillMc7 • blobert • CabbageNews • Cheeseboy22 • CoatCzech • Cosell • cpinck • drivewaydranker • FilthyRichmond • Greeblemonkey • HeyitsLori • Home_Halfway • Hormonella • IGotsSmarts • JennyPentland • jerryrenek • JoeSchmitt • John_M15 • JPHaddadio • juskewitch • karentozzi • LaetPO • Lafix • LifeCoachers • Meetingboy • MrBigFists • Nickadoo • OhNoSheTwitnt • Paxochka • ProfessorSnack • PuddingBoobs • ReelQuinn • RexHuppke • RockabillyJay • ScottLinnen • shanethevein • shariv67 • Smethanie • SortaBad • Squirreljustice • StellaRtwot • SteveHuff, susie_meister • TeaPartyCat • TheBosha • theguydf • theleanover • TheNardvark • TinyNietzsche • tnylgn • ToneLoaf • UncleDynamite • VerifiedDrunk • VocabuLarry • WarrenHolstein • yoyoha • JosephScrimshaw • Pauly_Miller • EricMarten • Untresor • Peter-john Byrnes • JaySuch • TheBlessMess • Kyle_Lippert • robfee • and more to join.

PS: Send proof of your #Tweet4meat donation to enter a daily drawing for a mug from the incomparable Peter-john Byrnes, who also is acknowledging all donors on his podcast, This Week in Despair. Details online.

DONATE MONDAY, DEC. 9 and be entered in a half-fast drawing to win a signed and illustrated Half-thunk Thoughts calendar by JD Crowe/ @CroweJam’s. See it here.


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