Kevin's super fun time triathlon adventure!

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Kevin's super fun time triathlon adventure!

Meet Kevin:

He's turning 10 this year.  He likes Skylanders, Legos, and Star wars.  He loves to play with his computer and watch cartoons.   His favorite foods are french fries and nuggets from McDonalds.  He loves roller coasters and is very brave.  He has a silly sense of humor and a great big smile.

Kevin has autism.  He hates sudden loud noises and large crowds.  He doesn't talk nearly as much as other kids his age.  He gets very excited and crashes into people.  He is very obsessive and requires a lot of routine to do well.  He is easily frustrated and yells and cries when he feels uncomfortable in the world around him.  Learning has been hard for him.

When Kevin was first diagnosed the doctor named off several things he would never be able to do.  The word "never" was actually used.  Kevin has really big hands in which he has used to extend his really big middle finger to the word "never."

On September 15th Kevin will particiate in the Lifetime Fitness Kids triathlon for the second time in Warrenville, IL.  Last year Kevin was able to swim, bike, and run to the finish line and recieve his first finishers medal that is proudly displayed over his bed.  This year he will raise money for autsim research so that maybe one day other families won't have to hear the word "never" ever again. 

A small donation will go a big way to help what is a growing problem for so many families right now.


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