Tyrone's Fundraising Page

East Tennessee Childrens Hospital Association Inc

Tyrone's Fundraising Page

Tyrone's Fundraising Page

Occupation:  Radio morning show producer

Age: 25

What is your dance experience? Back in college I was a dancing machine and since then I haven't stopped.  Excelling in the "Wobble" and "Wop" and other dance moves, I think I should create my own line dance and call it the "The Tyrone."  Be on the look out for it to take the nation by storm.

Why are you doing this event?  For the kids (that's all)

Why should people vote for you?  Voters, ask yourself, is there anyone here who can show out doing the Dlow Shuffle?  And then vote for that person -  ME.

Anything else ou would like to add?  Let's DANCE!


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Tyrone's Fundraising Page
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