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U Penn Japan Earthquake Relief

On March 11th Northeastern Japan was hit with a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, the largest in Japan's recorded history and the 5th largest earthquake in the history of the world followed by a 15-meter (49-feet) high tsunami. The number of casualties and the missing are 25,000, and still 110,000 people are displaced by this disaster (as of May 5th). The economic impact of this disaster is estimated to be $235 billion - twice of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.

A group of students from the Japanese community at U Penn have launched this fund-raising initiative to help the earthquake victims. The funds raised will be donated to the American National Red Cross. Any amount, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.

Please support the relief effort! Thank you!

Wharton Japan Club


Our current result of the fundraiser is as below:

$94,476 (as of April 13, 2011)

Our fundraising initiatives range wide including T-shirt sales through kembrel.com and booth sales, donations through kembrel.com (http://www.kembrel.com/isupportjapan) and First Giving (http://www.firstgiving.com/u-penn-japan-earthquake-relief), bake sales (which was initiated by Wharton Partners with the support from our friends in Upenn and in Philadelphia), fundraising events and etc.

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR KINDNESS AND GENEROSITY. All proceeds will be fully donated to the American/Japanese Red Cross to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

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