EnlightenNext Meditation Marathon



EnlightenNext Meditation Marathon

Thank you for your interest and for supporting me in my second meditation marathon! On December 10th, together with hundreds around the world, about 20 of us are going to spend 24 hours in meditation (yes, including breaks for meals and stretching too), in my studio, guided by instructions and a virtual, live question and answer session with Andrew Cohen.

People meditate for many different reasons - to become or stay healthy, to relax, to practise self-discipline or to attain higher states of consciouness - this marathon is dedicated to the potential of meditation to radically shift our sense of identity and with that to change consciousness and culture -the main mission of EnlightenNext.

When I first started to meditate in 1979, I had no idea what to expect - and maybe for that very reason, I was lucky enough to quite quickly experience states of a deep and unfamiliar happiness, that was not dependent on anything - real fulfillment. I also recognized, sometimes subtly and sometimes more dramatically, that there is more to who we are than just our body, our thoughts, memories, emotions, talents or vices.

Through Andrew Cohen's teachingI learned to understand, why meditation and the discovery of our deepest, unconditioned, timeless self is so significant at this point in time, in our society. And why it is crucial to be very grounded in the knowing meditation reveals. In other words, only when I learned about the big, cosmic and cultural context for this practise did I get really fired up about it.

And that is why I meditate every day and why I love supprting EnlightenNext and this marathon. 


Thank you so much for sponsoring me! For a pledge of $100 you enter a drawing for three free sessions. And for a pledge of $50, you can win one free session. And ANYONE makinga  donation, no matter how small, enters a drawing for a  free session for someone they love.

And please ask me about joining us for some or all of it in the studio. My friend Andrea Hurley just told me, that her niece was convinced that she could not sit still for more than 5 minutes - she ended up mediationg for three hours last year. You can imagine how thrilled she was.

 P.S. Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.


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