World of Warcraft Does IRL Healing


Save the Children's Newborn & Child Survival in Bangladesh

World of Warcraft Does IRL Healing

Frontline health workers are the heroes of Save the Children's newborn and child survival campaign (like the Raid/Party Healers of World of Warcraft) because they help children all over the world survive threats like newborn complications, pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, and malnutrition.  

1 child dies every 4 seconds largely from preventable and treatable causes due to the lack of basic health care. Frontline health workers are the key to saving millions of children’s lives around the world. Global estimates suggest the world needs at least a million more frontline health workers in developing countries. In Bangladesh, a country ranked 186 out of 224 in infant mortality, there is a demand for over 4,000 trained health workers.

Donations to this page will support Save the Children's Child Survival Programs in Bangladesh. These programs help children in Bangladesh by helping to fill the health worker shortage in Bangladesh, providing clean baby wrap, providing guidance and counselling on newborn care, and helping to provide treatement for diarrhea (the second leading cause of death of children under five years old).

Athene chose Save the Children as the charity to support because they are the charity that teams up with Shawn (aka Uncultured Project) the most. Together they have helped a community get clean water, rebuilt a school damaged by a devastating cyclone, provided emergency relief after natural diasters, and helped over 10,000 children through Save the Children's Child Survival Program in Bangladesh.

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