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MS Run the US - 2015 Relay

Los Angeles, California
Training buddies Larry Kelley, Kim Moore, Tracy Killion

Vanessa Urbach's Page

Relay Runner for the MS Run the US - 2015 Relay

What:  The MS Run the US - 2015 Relay is a 3,000-mile relay across America to raise awareness and funds to help CURE multiple sclerosis (MS)!  The Relay begins on April 12th, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA and is completed on August 15th, 2015 in New York, NY.

Eighteen (18) runners have been selected to run on average 170-miles over seven consecutive days during their individually assigned segment.  Each runner dedicates a week of running on the road with the Relay, while collectively the Relay spans a distance and duration of 3,000-miles in 4 months.

Bio Overview:

Location: Omaha, NE

Segment:  # 11- Lincoln to Des Moines!
Starting June 22nd in Lincoln, NE, I will run approximately 27 miles a day, ending June 28th in Des Moines, IA for a total of 190 miles!

Doing something I love, for someone I love. 

My Mother-in-law Diane was diagnosed with MS in 2002 after she had been in a car accident. She had to get an MRI and the tech asked her what she was doing for her MS. Diane had no clue she even had MS until that day.

MS claimed the life of her own Mother - Janis - in 1997 when she was only 62.

NOT applying to be a relay runner was not an option for me. I knew I had to do this.

I saw some of the best people I know from my group of GOATz - Greater Omaha Area Trail RunnerZ - training and fundraising and I kept thinking to myself, "I need to do this." I joined the treadmill challenge at the beginning of the year and ran 50 miles - ON.A.TREADMILL... never thought THAT would be possible.. I wrote Diane and Jan's name on the "Who We Run For" board... I texted Diane and sent her updates. It was so much fun, but I just didn't feel like I was doing enough, I wanted more. I completed some other big running/racing goals over the course of 2014 and after getting through my first 50k in the mountains of Wyoming back in May with only 10 weeks of training, I just knew. I knew I could do anything I signed up for, trained for, put my heart into.

I applied.

I knew I wanted to be a relay runner.

I want people to know about MS.
I want people to know that there is no known cause, and no known cure.
I want people to know it's not currently considered a reportable disease, which in turn - does not allow for accurate reporting, research, and development. 
I want people to know - WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
I want to raise money. 
I want to raise awareness.  
I want to help find a cure.

Please help me to help others by donating to my page. 

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