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Veronica Canilao's Page

To friends and family,

In CA, the high school dropout rate is 20%.  In Oakland, “Just 53 percent of the district's 3,200 high school students tracked over four years graduated, while 37 percent dropped out. For African American, Filipino and Hispanic students in the district, the numbers were worse, with fewer than half graduating.”

I am in my third year working with Citizen Schools at Elmhurst Community Prep in Oakland. From my work, I see the challenges that the students face and the importance of our program. We are not only providing a safe space for them after school, we are also giving them access to hands-on learning projects, a college & career going culture, and academic support.  

At Elmhurst we extend the school day to 5pm and engage students in hands-on apprenticeships that relate to future careers, teaching these middle schoolers skills in Blogging, Improv, Polynesian Dance, Lego Robotics, Neurobiology, Visual Arts, and more. 

It takes a large budget to run our program and ensure our students have access to the many unique learning experiences, such as apprenticeships and explorations.  With that, I ask that you please make a donation, anything you are able to contribute from a $1 to $10 would be greatly appreciated!   Thank you!

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