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The 4th Annual Peace by Peace Yogathon

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Mother Theresa once said, “You can never do great things. You can only do small things with great love.”

Please help me to do a small thing with great love by sponsoring me for the Nationwide Peace by Peace Yogathon this July. The Yogathon is a 31 day yoga challenge happening in studios all across the country in an effort to support yoga outreach. As my friend, you know how much I beleive yoga has to offer youth in situations that place them at-risk and also how much yoga has enriched my life personally.  I am challenging myself to practice as much yoga as I can this month so that this ancient & beautiful practice can become accessible to people struggling through the most desperate time in their lives and to kids who sure as heck deserve access to this 'medicince' as much, if not more, than you and I do.

Your inspired contribution will help support the cause of yoga outreach: a movement to bring yoga to at-risk youth, abused children living in shelters, victims of domestic violence, people with eating disorders, cancer patients, deaf people, HIV clinics, drug treatment centers and so many other people and places who would typically not have access to a quality yoga experience. I am pledging to make a difference by bettering myself through practicing more yoga while simultaneously supporting this great cause.

Your sponsorship means a lot to me! Know that whatever you give is received with such deep gratitude.  At the very least, please take time in each day throughout the month of July to consider the plight of those struggling and make an effort to reach out to them (perhaps you have been or are currently in this group yourself) in whatever way calls to you.

Together, we can make a difference…Peace by Peace!

Thank you tremendously for your support!


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