Everest Yoga Trek


Everest Yoga Trek

Training buddies Mimi Martel

Everest Yoga Trek

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The mission

Mimi and I have decided to take on an arduous two week yoga trek through the Himalayas from Lukla in Nepal at 2850m up to Mt.Everest Base Camp at 5,160m above sea level. We will be trekking for up to 6hours a day practising yoga each morning and evening.

Our Purpose

We are hoping that in doing this we can raise enough money to pay for the drilling of a new well for orphaned girls that have been rescued by Nepal Orphans Home 'Papa's House'. 

Nepal Orphans Home rescue children who have been sold or abandoned by their families, providing food, shelter, education and more importantly, a real chance in life. They have a number of houses mainly situated in Kathmandu but the home we are raising money for is an associated home that rescues 'Kamlari' girls in Narti which is in a remote area of the Dang region in Nepal. This home is a first stop for 'kamlari' girls that have been rescued in the area and currently their water system is tainted with dirty water making it unusable. A new well must be bored out to supply reliable fresh water.

Most people take access to fresh water for granted but sadly it is not the case for everyone. We sincerely hope that with your help we can raise enough money to give these rescued orphans the gift of fresh water.

A note on the orphaned girls that are being rescued:

The Kamlari system in rural Nepal, is a practice whereby poor families are forced through hardship and poverty to sell their daughters as laborers to pay off debts to landowners. The girls, often as young as 6years old, are expected to work upto 12hours a day in the landowners  households, they are subject to harsh conditions and ill treatment at the hands of their employers not to mention no schooling and restricted food. 

Trip Info

You can check out the trip we intend to under take below and follow us as we go on our blogs:



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Thank you for any support you can give and please forward this to anyone you think might also be interested in helping us.

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