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Boston Walk for Epilepsy

Boston, Massachusetts
Training buddies Frank, Michelle and Eric

victoria salituro's Page

In High School, our son Joseph developed a love for military history and airplanes.  He decided that one day he would learn to fly or maybe join the Airforce.   But in this same time period, we also learned he had a form of Epilepsy that made him more prone to night time seizures. He was disappointed, but not defeated,  he did learn to fly and while it was short lived, he loved it so much.  It was then that he decided to train and become an airplane mechanic.  He was an FAA certified airplane Mechanic with Wisconsin Air, lived in PA and loved his job and enjoyed the people he worked with.  He was admired by co-workers for his hard work and determination, always there to give a helping hand.  He was patient, persistent and driven.  He hoped to one day design and build planes.  Before the Holidays I talked to Joseph about doing this walk, I asked him if it was something he would consider doing and he agreed to join us.   On Jan 27th 2011 we lost our son Joseph to one last, night time seizure.  He had turned 27 Dec 8, 2010,  I had always hoped a miracle would come along to make life easier for Joseph and others who suffer with this condition. 

It has been one year since Joseph's passing,  and we realize how important raising funds for research and awareness is.  SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy) is what took Joseph's life.  During this year long journey, we have met and learned of so many others who are suffering from loss or living with loved ones with epilepsy. We could not have got through this year, without the love and support of our family and friends. The pain is forever lasting with our loss, as we miss him everyday, but we will continue to do this walk together in his memory, I know he would have joined us.  On May 19th he will be our angel watching over all of us once again, as we try to work towards raising more funds for reserarch and hopes of raising awareness and helping those who suffer daily with Epilepsy.

Even after the walk is done,  we will continue fundraising into August!  Please help to make a difference, in the lives of those suffering with Epilepsy.

Hugs and much Love

The Salituro Family!                             

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