Virginia Anne Newton's Fundraising Page


Virginia Anne Newton's Fundraising Page

In memory of William Taylor Newton & The Countless Family Members, Friends and Strangers Who Lost Their Battle With Cancer

Virginia Anne Newton's Fundraising Page

Global H2O is an organization that is dear to my heart and if you’ll allow me, I’ll tell you why…

Have you ever thought about walking 5 miles each way, 3 times a day for a yellow gas can of water so that your family could have something to drink or bathe some of the dust off of your child's face? In a better world, clean water would be available to all of us; it would be a right not a privilege. Unfortunately 1 in 5 of the 1.9 billion children in developing countries have no access to safe water. Their vision of water is as murky and as uncertain as their life expectancies. Global H2O builds wells, educates the community and gives children a reason to hope.

As a child I used to get a thrill from turning the spigot and drinking cool, clean water flowing endlessly from the garden hose. In Africa children are drinking dirty water just to survive. They are absent from school because of water borne illness and often suffer a premature death. According to the World Health Organization, diarrhea kills more children every year than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. Contrary to popular opinion, water is a resource that is plentiful in Africa but one must drill deep to reach it and manage the distribution. Villages simply don't have the knowledge, equipment, engineering and funds to make something we use every single day available.

You may know that I have been volunteering for Global H2O since meeting the founder and fellow North Carolinian James Wilde a few years ago. And I have wanted to start a personal fundraising campaign for some time but feared my donations would be meager. I have decided that my belief in Global H2O is bigger than my fear of failure.  I shared my dream and personal goal  with Mom & Elizabeth, they were immediately on board. My dream quikcly became OUR dream and that is to fund a well in honor of my father, William Taylor Newton and the countless family members, friends and strangers who lost their battle with cancer after a courageous and long fight . $10,000 will fund an entire project and bring water to those in need.

Growing up I used to think...if I got all the people I knew to give me $20 I could go on a really great vacation. As an adult, now I  think...if I could get all the people I know to donate whatever they could to Global H2O we could really make a difference and by the way that $20 can provide one person with a lifetime supply of water! We’ve set a goal to raise half the funds for a well by March 22, 2012, World Water Day. So please, act now.

 Give what you can and know that we are returning that to you tenfold in gratitude,


Virginia, Carolyn & Elizabeth

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