Walk for Clean Water


Walk for Clean Water

Walk for Clean Water

This is the donation page for the walkforcleanwater.org - click here to return to the main site.

FUNRAISING IS CURRENTLY CLOSED for the project. Jump over to water.cc to donate today. Thanks!

Since this walk isn't about what I can do, it's about what WE can do, I'm so excited that you are deciding to participate in this very tangible way! Imagine with me what a few new wells would do for people around the world. Together we can make this a story of hope and life!

$20 gives clean water to 1 family for 1 year!

Together we can change the lives of 2500 familes around the world!

No donation is too small or too large. Each donation will go straight to helping others around the world!

Some ideas to get you thinking:

$20 provides clean water for 1 family for 1 year.
$100 brings living water to five families!
$225 would sponsor me for $1 for each mile of the walk.
$500 is now helping upwards of 100 people a year.
$5000 provides a well and changes a community!


Thank you for your donation and partnership!



This page is no longer accepting donations