Warren Garber's Fundraising Page


Warren Garber's Fundraising Page

In memory of Lesley Keegan

Warren Garber's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.

The money I am raising in in the memory of an amazing and inspiriational lady, my very good friend Lesley Keegan.

The organisation that I'm raising money for is The Trailblazer Foundation. Trailblazer's founders - Scott and Chris Coats have dedicated their lives to the people of Cambodia through their Trailblazer NGO. They are also a remarkable and inspirational couple.

My story is that I wanted to visit Cambodia and volunteer with an organisation that could hopefully benefit in some way from my prior career background in Civil Engineering. The Trailblazer bio-sand water filter project is allowing me do do just that.

Lesley's story is that we worked together a few years ago - then she was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma - an incurable form of cancer of the bone marrow. Lesley was given less than two years to live from September of 2005. She spent many many months in hospital - undergoing agressive chemotherapy and a stem-cell transplant.

Through it all, Lesley was just so positive. She would never complain and tried to carry on her life as normally as possible.

Lesley was - is my best friend - and instrumental in my motivation to 'do some good' while I have my good health. None of us know what tomorrow will bring. She was involved in the planning of my trip to Cambodia. We had tentative plans for her to travel and meet me somewhere on my adventure.

Sadly three years after being diagnosed, she lost her exceptionally brave fight and passed away during November 2008. I never saw her again following my 'farewell party' in London on 28 August 2008 -and while we kept in touch while I was travelling - she didn't let on how much she deteriorated during the latter months of 2008.

So, in Lesleys memory and with the project that she learned about from me - The Trailblazer Foundation - I aim to raise 450 US dollars. This will provide 10 bio-sand water filters to families in the remote villages of Siem Reap Province in Cambodia.

The water filters provide an immediate and tangible benefit to a family - it is usually their first and only source of potable drinking water. We in the 'West' cannot comprehend the value of providing one 45 dollar filter to a family. One quarter of all deaths of Cambodian children under the age of 5 years is caused by water-bourne disease.

Of course, donations of any size will go towards our 'target' - a dollar or so from many people soon adds up!

So, on behalf of Lesley and her family, The Trailblazer Foundation and the people of Cambodia - I thank you all in anticipation of your support for this amazing lady and this remarkable project.


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Warren Garber's Fundraising Page
Lesley - Mijas, Spain. Aug 2008