The Warrior Tri Team Page


The Warrior Tri Team Page

Training buddies Teddy Sullivan, Johnny Mory, Brent Osborn, John Lynch, Patrick Mather, Todd Fetzer

The Warrior Tri Team Page


Between March and October 2007, C Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) lost four of its "Green Berets."  Sergeant Major Brad Conner, Sergeant First Class Nate Winder, Sergeant First Class Mike Tully, and Sergeant First Class Adrian Elizalde all gave their lives while serving their country during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.  Their loss inspired the organization of this team.  

We organized this team to accomplish two things: 1) to give a fitting salute to our fallen brethren and 2) to raise funds for their children and for the children of all Special Operations warriors who sacrificed their lives during training or combat.  While the idea started with, and centers on, Brad, Nate, Mike, and Adrian, this fundraiser is also for other heroes like Staff Sergeant Travis Hunsberger, Captain Ben Tiffner, Senior Airman Jason Cunningham, Tech Sergeant John Chapman, Staff Sergeant Eric Caban, Master Sergeant Chris Keith, Staff Sergeant Chris FalkelMaster Sergeant Tom Maholic - the list could unfortunately go on and on; our fundraiser serves as a tribute to all Special Operations members who gave their lives before, during, and after the War on Terror. 

Every one of us on this team has known, served with, bled with, laughed with, worked out with, and/or cried over a Special Operations member who lost his life.  Many more of you who will read this site have done the same.  If you haven't, you know someone who has.  Regardless if you have known a fallen Special Operations member or not, few of us have yet to be affected by the War on Terror, in some form or fashion. 


On September 11, 2010, exactly nine years from the fateful day that changed our lives forever, our team will compete in the Patriot's Half Ironman in Williamsburg, VA; we will individually swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles in memory of our fallen brothers-in-arms.  Each one of us has pledged to raise at least $2,500, with an overall team goal of raising at least $20,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  Thanks to Set Up Events, our concept became a reality.  Check out the race - Patriot's Half Ironman.  


The Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides full scholarship grants and educational and family counseling to the surviving children of Special Operations personnel who die in operational or training missions, as well as immediate financial assistance to severely wounded special operations personnel and their families. Click on the logo to the left for more information about the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  Additionally, proceeds from the Patriot Half Ironman go to the Wounded Warrior Project, which is why we chose this particular race. 


If you can donate, please give whatever you can.  If you can race, then sign up for the triathlon and come join us.  If you can volunteer, contact Set Up Events and get to Williamsburg, VA, on September 11 to help.  If you have the ability to click your computer mouse, then PLEASE forward this site to your friends and family and spread the word about the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the Wounded Warrior Project, and this race.  Regardless of how you help, the end result is the same - we honor some of our nation's fallen heroes, those heroes' kids get college scholarships, and our nation's wounded warriors get some much deserved help.  We challenge you to find a more deserving cause. 

You can keep track of our training progess and support on our Warrior Tri Team page on Facebook.

Thank you.

Brad, Nate, Mike, and Adrian - this one is for you.  De Oppresso Liber. 

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The Warrior Tri Team Page
Giving a Little for Those Who Gave All