Peace, Love, FIDF


Peace, Love, FIDF

Peace, Love, FIDF

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We went to Israel last summer and we met a lot of amazing people who are protecting the Country. One day, we went to the Seventh Brigade of the Israeli Army. They serve as the front line of every battle that Israel fights. It is their responsibility to protect Israel, to protect family. As part of our responsibility, we have chosen to base our Mitzvah projects on them. We want to help them out. 


We learned that the Seventh Brigade goes out in the field for weeks at a time, sometimes not leaving their tanks. They have only basic innerwear. The basic innerwear is not sweat wicking. We guarantee this can’t feel good on their bodies. And the smell? Let’s not go there.


Ask yourself, if you were at the front line of a battle would you want to have the best equipment available for you? IS IT much easier to obtain sweat-wicking undergarments in the US, then in Israel? We think everyone would say yes. Small things like this, add up to big things. With your help we can get them the proper equipment they need. We can’t just sit on the sidelines and wait for things to happen, we need to act.

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