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The Griffith Boys' Page

Dear Family and Friends -

Many of you know that Gabriel has been participating with Angels on Stage for the last two years, and is starting his third season this year.  Now, both Nicholas and Elijah are joining him as new Angels this year, and they will share the stage this March in the Angels on Stage production of Alice in Wonderland!

Angels on Stage is truly a unique and remarkable organization.  Every Saturday, from October through March, 100 of the most amazing children get on stage and shine in ways they are often not able to anywhere else.  Angels on Stage is a theatre troupe for kids with differing abilities, that allows kids with special needs a safe place to be themselves while participating in a full scale professional theater production.  And for two weekends every March, these kids bring people to tears with their passion, their joy, their love and their ability.

The group of adults who have brought this organization to life are some of the most loving, dedicated, hard-working and talented people I will ever know.  They give so much of their time and their talent to help our kids shine.  And they do it all for the sake of making a difference. With their support and love, Angels on Stage is helping break stigmas, and open up new worlds.  AoS is letting the world see our children through a new lense, a lense that illuminates the possible, instead of the limitations.

Would you like to be a part of something truly magical, and life changing?  Please consider giving AoS your support, knowing that every dollar goes directly to supporting the Angels, setting them up for success, now and in life.  AoS relies on the generosity of the community to cover the costs of producing a high quality production and  providing support to the Angels every week.  If you are unable to come see the magic in person, know that you can be a part of making the magic happen with your financial support.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Thank you, on behalf of my boys and all of the Angels, for your love and support.  Jeanne

P.S. Please forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too! Thank you!

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