Badwater 135


Badwater 135

Badwater 135

I will be running the Badwater 135 mile Ultra Marathon across Death Valley in July of this year. I am raising funds for Endurance Trust benefiting Keegan's Fund. I hope to raise $100 for each mile I have to run. Keegans Fund is a charity my wife and I  have created. Keegan's Fund is set up to be a voice of comfort in understanding the birth of a stillborn child. We layout the cumbersome ground work to assist families with monetary and emotional support. This ranges from pre arranged grief counseling, funeral arrangements, and monetary assistance as may be needed after having a stillborn child. This is a highly personal ambition and Endurance Trust is helping side by side in all aspects.

The short story. After many years of doubt and wonder about ever being able to have children due to my having been through Chemo and Sabrinas unforeseen issues. Sabrina and I where bewildered with excitement when we found out we were having twins. She had the perfect pregnancy until the last month when on a routine exam found out they had lost Keegans heartbeat. Through an emergency C section my daughter Zoe was born along with perfect looking Keegan. While all nurses and attending staff where very consoling not one had a clue what to say or do for us, and we felt that. Having to plan a funeral for your son while you first born daughter is a day old is not something I wish on anyone. It was truly Heaven and Hell.

Badwater Ultra-marathon is 135 mile non-stop race from Death Vally to Mt. Whitney CA. Badwater is the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet. Starting at Badwater Death Valley which is the lowest point in the US at -280' below sea level in 120 degree heat, then finishing at 8300' at the portal of Mt. Whitney crossing 3 mountain ranges in the process. Badwater is ranked by National Geographic as the Toughest Race on the Planet.

While I have run many Marathons and done a lot of triathlons I had a curiosity about Ultra marathons (any race longer than 26.2 miles). Running became a sort of meditation over the past few years. I went longer and longer and gained more and more opportunities.   Finally building up a resume good enough to even be able to enter Badwater. And then the thrill and of being accepted. I am running Badwater for a few reasons. For my son who never got to live in this world, and to SHOW my kids they can do anything they aspire to rather than just tell them they can. I want to prove to myself I am greater than the bad things that happen to me and do some good for others as well. Sometimes the only thing that makes sense is trying to move forward. Badwater is all about moving forward... regardless.


Thank you for any and all support. I wont let you down.


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