The Living H2O Project (Survival Challenge Charity Benefit)


The Living H2O Project (Survival Challenge Charity Benefit)

The Living H2O Project (Survival Challenge Charity Benefit)


 The Living H2O Project
An Island Survival Charity Benefit Fundraiser
(Summer 2010)
We're back!

Thanks to all of you we have raisedover  $5,000 for Living Water International (LWI) who drills/builds wells in third world countries and educates the people in proper sanitation and the sustainability of water sources.

You can still make a donation which will be greatly appreciated by those that are in dire need of clean water around the world.

Thanks for your support. Things didn't quite go to plan and we had to improvise. We decided that one of the open ocean kayak crossings woud be unsafe to paddle upon return if exhausted or even slightly injured and fowl weather was in the immediate forecast. We decided to try to survive on the islands in the area we currently were at the time. . . but it wasn't exactly accepted by the locals. We were limited as to what we could do, to avoid being seen and getting kicked out. Lots of boats went by and we spent most of the time hiding behind trees. . .  We managed to pull off 5 days of this . . . I was quite dissapointed that it didn't really work out after years of research and perparation. . . but we have learned a lot and have a better idea of what to do differently next time.


We were still able to:

- make it 5 days on 1MRE each + coconut

- made really strong rope from coconut husk fiber

- make a few solar stills

- drink distilled urine and seawater

- climb palm trees

- utilize every part/stage of the coconut

- kayak over 15 miles in open ocean

 Thanks again to everyone who has been supportive of this project! . . . and as  a result, a new well will be built in a community in need of clean water :)

"Good luck Zach, Have a great adventure!"  - Bear Grylls - (Man vs Wild)


You can purchase Emergency Preparedness kits and food from (specify that you are supporting our fundraiser and 1/2 of the profits will go to our cause)


Zach Schaarschmidt & Ian Reeves
Living Water International

- Each $100 provides a family with water for a generation.

- $3,000 rehabilitates a broken community well.

- $5,000 $12,000 can fund a new well for a village or a school.



 If you have ANY questions please contact me at:

Zach Schaarschmidt

2420 33rd St.

Anacortes Wa, 98221


 "We serve all who are thirsty, regardless of their beliefs. But we do our work praying and yearning for people to know Jesus." (LWI)


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Generous product sponsors:

Folbot, Chaco, High Sierra, Industrial Revolution, Petzl, Rite in the Rain, ENO, Mechanix Wear, S3 Cases, Insect Shield, Aquamira, Food for Health International, PrAna, Emergen-C


Trip dates: June 19 - July 9, 2010


Thank You for Your Support!

and Compassion! :)


"1.8 million children die every year as a result of diseases caused by unclean water and poor sanitation. This amounts to around 5,000 deaths a day. (UNDP)"

"LWI projects providing safe water and hygiene education at an average cost of ten dollars per person, for a lifetime." (Living Water International)


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The Living H2O Project (Survival Challenge Charity Benefit)
1.1 billion people drink dirty water