Georgia River Network, Inc.

Welcome to Georgia River Network's fundraising page.  Georgia River Network is a 501(c)3 that works to ensure a clean water legacy by engaging and empowering Georgians to protect and restore our rivers from the mountains to the coast.  

If you are here to raise money for rivers, just click the orange "Get Started" button and select the river event or campaign you want to support.

If you are here to donate, you have three choices: click "donate", search for a friend's fundraising page or view all existing fundraising pages and select one to support.
Support Our Current Campaigns and Events
1. Paddle Georgia
Each year during Paddle Georgia we travel over 100 miles with 300+ participants down a different river in Georgia.  Paddlers have a great time, learn about river issues, experience the beauty and diversity offered by our waterways, and go home ready to be local river advocates. 
For Canoe-a-thon Participants:  Here's where you can sign-up for the Paddle Georgia Canoe-a-thon.  Raise money on behalf of Georgia River Network, win prizes and earn your way* to an educational, fun adventure of a lifetime. 
2. River Friends
Volunteers fundraisers can use the River Friends Campaign page to recruit river supporters from your circle of friends.