John Gyselbrecht Memorial Guts and Butts 2


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Welcome and thank you for your donation which helps to clean up the coast and fund a cure for stomach cancer. Much like a 'walk, ride or run for a cure' event, this is a "clean up for a cure." By making your tax deductible donation to the Gastric Cancer Foundation "GCF", you will be sponsoring John Gyselbrecht's friends and family to participate in the California's Coastal Clean Up Day "CCCUD"  on September 17, 2016.

The Cause

Guts:  In April 2014, John Gyselbrecht was a beloved, active, healthy, happy math teacher, husband, son, friend, and so much more.  Just 11 months later, gastric cancer took his life. Before John died, he publicly expressed his hope that one day funding for this disease would allow sufferers to measure their lives in decades, not months, and eventually a cure would be found.

Currently, gastric cancer research is grossly underfunded. The GCF is dedicated to developing new treatments and finding a cure.  Last year we raised $11,095 for GCF. 

Butts:  John's friends and family will be clearing the coast of cigarette butts and other garbage. The California Coast is a special place.  John, who had a Master's in Environmental Education, cared about the plight of the oceans.  He and his Laguna Middle School Leadership students participated in coastal clean ups.  The beach also provided John particular comfort while enduring his chemotherapy treatments. 

Last year, over seventy members of John's community participated in the clean up in his honor.  Statewide nearly 68,000 volunteers participated in CCCUD and removed more than 1,142,997 pounds of trash from California's beaches and waterways. 

By contributing, you will help keep the California Coast beautiful, fund gastric cancer research, feel good and honor John's memory.  

With love and gratitude,

Stacy Millich
John's wife

(If you would like to join us in cleaning the beach, please leave me a comment here.)