Online registration is now closed, but you can still register on site at the bowling alley! You can also still make donations online through this website.


The Huntington's Disease Bowl-A-Thon includes 2 games of bowling, shoes, food, drinks and prizes!

Teams consist of 5 people, each asked to raise and/or donate a minimum of $35 in sponsorship for the HDSA Center of Excellence at the University of Rochester.

Registration starts at 12:00pm. Bowling starts at 1:00pm.

Fundraising Prizes!!

First ten (10) people to raise $50 online receive a FREE RedBox Rental!

First person to raise $250 online receives a $25 Gift Certificate!

First person to raise $500 online receives a $50 Gift Certificate!


Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Do you own a business, work for one, or know someone who does?

In order to make this annual event a success, we need sponsors to help support our cause. The funds raised through this important event will provide vital support to improve the lives of those affected by Huntington’s disease (HD). Your sponsorship can help catapult our research, care and educational programs for local families who face the challenges of Huntington’s disease every day.

We are requesting all types of support including sponsorship, in-kind goods, and corporate teams to participate. 

What is HD?

Huntington's disease (HD) is a devastating, hereditary, degenerative brain disorder that results in a loss of cognitive, behavioral and physical control, and for which, presently, there is no cure. HD slowly diminishes the affected individual's ability to walk, think, talk and reason. Eventually, a person with HD becomes totally dependent upon others for his or her care. More than 30,000 people in the United States are currently diagnosed with HD. Each of their siblings and children has a 50 percent risk of developing the disease. Visit for more info.

All proceeds support HDSA’s fight to improve the lives of people affected by HD and their families.