Spike2Rescue events are designed to bring volleyball enthusiast together for a day of fun, fellowship with an intentional purpose of raising money to support orphans living in eastern European countries. Funds raised will be used to build a bedroom(s) for orphans adopted as part of the HopeHouse International® organization’s larger effort of providing an entire home. HopeHouse International® is dedicated to rescuing orphans by providing adequate housing so Christian families in Eastern Europe can adopt three or more orphans and raise them in their own country.



Eastern Europe has one of the highest HUMAN TRAFFIKING operations and ORPHANS are their target. HopeHouse International® families adopt orphans in Ukraine, Hungry, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia.



Grab 3 or 4 friends to create a team. Each team is allowed to have up to 6 players, 4 on the floor, and 2 subs. Or, join as a Free Agent and make new friends! It will be rally scoring and the top two teams will when prizes!



$5000 builds a bedroom!


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