Humane Society for Greater Nashua

The Humane Society for Greater Nashua (HSFN) is the second busiest shelter in the state of New Hampshire, and we take in and care for over 2,500 pets every year! 

Our shelter staff and volunteers care for the pets as though they were their own. Each pet receives plenty of food, a warm bed and lots of love! We provide vaccines and medications for our pets and any intact dog or cat is also spayed or neutered before for adoption. The cost to run the shelter each day is $2,750.00…after in-kind donations received!


With so many animals in need of our help, your online fundraising efforts will truly make a difference!


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The Humane Society for Greater Nashua is a 501 (c)(3) private nonprofit corporation supported largely by tax-deductible donations. Our mission is clear: We are dedicated to the creation and maintenance of a responsible and humane two- and four-footed community. We provide for and protect abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted animals and promote animal welfare through programs and services that mutually benefit animals and people. Our ultimate goal is to find homes for all the pets here.

For over 110 years, our shelter has been helping to create life long friends, companions and relationships that mutually benefit both pets and people.