Junior Achievement of Central Maryland

Junior Achievement is dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. Through its relevant, hands-on programs, the organization educates students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Junior Achievement programs give young people the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their future, and make smart academic and economic choices. Delivered by community volunteer mentors, JA programs bring the real world into learning--preparing young people to be work-ready employees, future entrepreneurs, consumers and leaders. 

In the 2016-17 school year JA of Central Maryland broke all previous records by working with well over 47,000 students in 300+ schools with programs for students grades K-12, including JA BizTown, a site-based experiential learning center. Annually, more than 2,300+ trained business volunteers bring our programs to life in classrooms and after school settings.  Over 60 years, JA has provided life/workforce programs to more than 900,000 students in Central Maryland.

JA’s success lies in our unique delivery model which contains four distinct advantages:

  • Delivery System of diverse volunteers who serve as presenters in the classroom;
  • Flexible, Proven Curriculum and activities enhanced by volunteers’ personal experiences;
  • Experience-Based-Learning that enables students to gain knowledge through hands-on activities that show the relationship between learning and successful application;
  • Volunteer and Teacher Training plus staff support, program resources, and ongoing services.

JA's ability to help produce young people who are work-ready and focused on finding engaging, high-impact careers, is what has made our efforts stand out for nearly six decades.  However, the job needs of the 21st century economy are changing rapidly but the emerging U.S. labor force has not kept up these needs.  Proof positive is that the number of Americans with a high school degree or less is actually increasing as jobs requiring post-secondary education continue to rise, creating an even wider critical workforce gap.  For those in the businesses of identifying appropriately skilled individuals to fill career openings, life is not getting any easier. That is why JA is more important than ever; and specifically why we have plans to increase student involvement while we finalize plans for deeper impact.

“Help me become a superhero so I can achieve my dreams.” – JA student -- The possibilities are endless...with your support!