L.A. Works

L. A. Works is the largest non-profit, volunteer action center in Los Angeles. We make it easy to volunteer in Los Angeles by organizing over a thousand free, hands-on community service projects each year at more than 200 service organizations and schools throughout the city. L.A. Works volunteers, now over 10,000 strong, are at work every day of the year building community and meeting critical needs in schools, parks and play spaces, day-care centers, after-school programs, senior homes, food banks, homeless shelters, low-income neighborhoods, animal welfare and more.

L.A. Works provides a starting point for individuals to begin their journey of volunteer service through our website at laworks.com. We cultivate and train volunteers to lead other volunteers, creating a pathway for greater civic participation.

The dollars you donate translate into volunteer programs that vastly expand capacity for non-profits throughout the city. Each dollar is magnified many times through the transformative power of volunteer action.

L.A. Works is an affiliate of Hands On Network, an umbrella association of 55 volunteer organizations throughout the United States and abroad.

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570 W Avenue 26 Ste 400
Los Angeles, CA 90065