30th anniversary online celebration

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Celebrating 30 years of education... and 30 years of our community's generosity. 

Each year volunteers give over 14,000 hours of time to help their students improve their life skills. Celebrate this generosity with us by donating funds to keep the lights on, doors open, and books in the hands of our adult students. 

Education makes our students become better workers, parents, and citizens. This past year:

  • 276 students were served with the help of 205 volunteer tutors 
  • 14,899 volunteer hours were donated
  • 106 students met a work-related goal
  • 44 students increased their involvement in their children's education or literacy
  • 40 students obtained consumer skills
  • 6 became American citizens
  • 16 are preparing to become citizens soon

Your tax-deductible gifts have an impact on our community!