Make Your End of the Year Contribution


Lowell Transitional Living Center- Their Story, 2017


Imagine walking through the door of your new home, sleeping in your own bed, decorating your own room, and taking pride in your new life after experiencing homelessness...

Tonight, Tammy is sleeping safe in her own bed because of people like you.

Winter is coming back, and hundreds of people in the Merrimack Valley community are in a situation just like Tammy’s. LTLC staff and volunteers are preparing now. Last year over 500 people living on the street sought shelter at LTLC's Winter Emergency Bed Program.

We need to raise $80,000 in donations to keep this life saving, life changing, program alive. The time for action is right here in this moment, before the temperatures drop and snow covers the streets.

The LTLC Winter Emergency Bed Program is funded by the generosity of people who care. Please donate today, so that case managers at LTLC can continue to give someone like Tammy a path back home. 

Please make a year's end contribution to Lowell Transitional Living Center, where food, shelter, healthcare, and case management services lead to independence.