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Welcome!  On behalf of all of our patients and families, we're glad you're here.   


Ready to sign up for an upcoming Transplant Center or Camp Michitanki event?  Click START FUNDRAISING or REGISTER for an EVENT (located to the right).  Once you're registered, you will have the opportunity to go a step further and create a Personal Fundraising Page. 

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Whether you are here to register for an event or simply to help raise funds for the Transplant Center, you have come to the right place.  Everyone is encouraged to create a Personal Fundraising Page - it's easy and it works!

Be sure to customize the text and the photo on your page to best describe the event, camp or individual’s memorial that you are fundraising for. Then, just send your link to your email contacts – anyone you think will help you reach your goal. Your Personal Fundraising Page is a great way to directly raise money for the Transplant Center.

When you register for a Camp Michitanki event, you are helping a transplant recipient child to have a wonderful summer camp experience.  We welcome transplant recipients age 7 to 15 who have had organ transplants at any hospital.  Campers pay only a $50 registration fee (which is waived if needed) and our fundraising events combined with private and business donations pay the rest of the $1000 cost for a week at camp.  Thank you for getting involved with a wonderful cause!



On behalf of all of our patients and families, all of us at the University of Michigan Transplant Center thank you for your help.  When you participate in an event, create a fundraising page, volunteer your time, or help to promote our cause, you make a difference.  We are fortunate to have many friends who help us do the best we can every day.  Fundraising is a critical component of the success of Camp Michitanki, our patient emergency fund, our cutting-edge research, and so much more.  When we say that "every little bit helps," we know that it's true.  Thank you for everything you do for us.

If you would like to learn more about the Transplant Center and our fundraising efforts, or how you can get more involved, please visit our web site,, or call us at 734-936-3460. 


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