2017 Oakland County Community Run

Friday, September 15, 2017


The Oakland County LETR Community Run will take place on September 15th. This run is part of Law Enforcement Torch Run Week and benefits the athletes of Special Olympics Michigan.

For more information please contact either

Janessa Danielson at - jdanielson@ferndalepolice.org or Joshua Johnson jrjohnson@cityofnovi.org

The Law Enforcement Torch Run® is the single largest grassroots fundraising effort for Special Olympics International. Michigan’s Law Enforcement Torch Run program raises funds for over 23,000 athletes who participate in Special Olympics Michigan. The two main goals of the Law Enforcement Torch Run® are raise funds and to create awareness for the athletes who participate in Special Olympics Michigan.

As Michigan’s Special Olympics program continues to grow, more funding is needed to support the athletes and their families because there is no cost to participate. This is where the support of the law enforcement community becomes crucial. By getting more involved in Michigan’s Torch Run program you can help raise funds and create awareness for our athletes. So come join the officers and members of the community to support these Special Olympians.