Law Enforcement Torch Run - Run Week 2017


Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Michigan Recruitment Video (2016)

Run week is composed of three components: Central Route, Travel Team and Community Runs. The 2017 Run Week starts on September 9th through the 15th.

Central Route - Central Route was started in 1981 by a group of officers out of Macomb County Sheriff's Department. Central Route started officially fundraising for Special Olympics Michigan and Law Enforcement Torch Run® in 1984. Central Route is a 750 non-stop relay run from Copper Harbor to Sterling Heights. Central Route is composed of three run teams: Michigan State Police, Fraternal Order of Police and Michigan Department of Corrections. Each team has at least 6 runners who each run 5 mile legs averaging eight minutes a mile. Each team runs 30 miles at a time.

Travel Team - The Travel Team is a group of runners from both Law Enforcement and Corrections that travel for a week throughout the state and visit two to three runs a day in different communities to raise funds and create awareness for Special Olympics Michigan and Law Enforcement Torch Run®.

The Travel Team is out the same week as Central Route, however they cover a different schedule. To get more involved with the Travel Team please contact Andrea Rachko at or (989) 774-3911.

Community Runs - Community Runs are runs that take place preferably during Run Week. These runs are put on by a local agency and are fundraising events for Law Enforcement Torch Run® as well as ways to create awareness for Special Olympics Michigan within local communities.