Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center

The Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center is a patient- and family-centered nonprofit organization that provides a comprehensive and integrated wellness approach to MS and related diseases, life-changing support services, and cutting-edge research.

Our Mission
To improve the quality of life of individuals and their families living with MS and related neurological diseases through care, support, education and research.

Our Goals

We are committed to providing innovative, specialized, comprehensive and interdisciplinary care to treat, support and rehabilitate people living with MS.

We are committed to providing services that support individuals and families with MS throughout the entire MS life cycle.

We are committed to educating people diagnosed with MS, their families, healthcare professionals, and the general public about multiple sclerosis.

We are committed to building the body of knowledge about MS, leading the way in MS research, developing new, effective treatments, and finding the cure for MS.

At the Rocky Mountain MS Center, we are passionate about solving problems and evaluating all options.  Workable solutions are what we value, and we look forward to helping you find answers.  So whether you are searching for education, care, support or research, you can look first to the Rocky Mountain MS Center.  The answers begin here.

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