Dot's Ride 2016

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


After 27 years of teaching at The Neighborhood Schoolhouse, Dot MacDonald is retiring. We want to make this year memorable in her honor, and we need your help.

We have set a lofty goal: in honor of Dot’s 27 years, we will raise $27,000 for this year’s bike-a-thon to support economic diversity through our financial aid program—a cause Dot has championed throughout her time at the school.

As she will tell you, Neighborhood is a great place for everyone to learn—but for those who can’t thrive in a traditional school setting, it is a lifeline. Particularly in this age of high-stakes testing, it is of critical importance to preserve a place like Neighborhood that teaches a love of learning and fosters lifelong success.

With your help, we can make Dot’s legacy and Neighborhood’s mission last for decades to come.