Beat Cancer with a Bat

Monday, December 31, 2012


"Beat Cancer with a Bat" is an event supported by college and high school softball coaches and teams committed to funding life-saving cancer research at NFCR.

Your team can get involved by designating one of your games as a featured "Beat Cancer with a Bat" softball game. You are welcome to add another game to your schedule. Then, make the game special by distributing cancer education materials, encouraging fans to wear a specific color or "Beat Cancer with a Bat" t-shirts, and fundraise through ticket sales, bake sales, raffl es, auctions, or a variety of other means explained below. The game will also help promote your team, both in the school and in the community!

The National Foundation for Cancer Research will help get you press coverage and design fliers and other materials you may need.

Please check out the "Beat Cancer with a Bat" Event Manual to help get you started. Visit for more information about "Beat Cancer with a Bat". If you have any questions or need further detailed instructions on how to organize the event, please contact Eli Goldstein at or 301-961-9163