2017 NYWC Write-A-Thon

Saturday, October 07, 2017


The NYWC Write-A-Thon is Back for its 12th Year!


Spend the day writing at the prestigious and beautiful Writers Room!

Imagine a room buzzing with the energy of writers who’ve come together to devote an entire day to their writing. 

The NYWC Write-A-Thon is an all day collective writing event for a good cause. As a participant, you can use the day however you like. Generate new material, revise a piece you’ve been working on, delve into research, submit a finished piece for publication, attend a free NYWC writing workshop, sit back and free write, or a combination of the above. 


Here is how it works:

1) Set up a fundraising page on FirstGiving. (For fundraising support see below.)

2) Raise at least $200.

3) As soon as you’ve raised at least $200, RSVP to Chris @ chris@nywriterscoalition.org 

Keep in mind that due to space constraints we can only accommodate 50 people. The $200 minimum threshold makes sure that we save spots for the attendance of as many serious Write-A-Thonners and fundraisers as possible, and is a great reason to create your fundraising page today!


NYWC is here to support you and help you reach your fundraising goals. We provide fundraiser tip sheets, email support, and more. As a fundraiser for The Write-A-Thon, you are a champion of powerful, community-based writing. NY Writers Coalition is committed to helping you reach your goal.

The minimum amount participants must raise to attend the Write-A-Thon is $200, but many people raise much more than that. We recommend a setting a goal of at least $500. You might be surprised by how much you can raise with the right tools and a bit of effort.

Questions or concerns? We are a phone call away. Call 718-398-2883 or email chris@nywriterscoalition.org if you have any questions about the Write-A-Thon registration system or the Write-A-Thon in general.