One Mission, Inc.


One Mission is a pediatric cancer foundation that does whatever it takes to help kids get through cancer.  We just do it in a different way. Rather than fund long-term solutions like research, One Mission funds programs and services that provide immediate relief from the relentless wrath cancer unleashes every single day.  Programs and services that lift the spirits of patients and their families, help the healing and recovery process and make life a little easier during treatment and hospitalization.  All of the programs we fund directly benefit children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer, the families who support them, and the medical community who compassionately cares for them.

The inspiration behind One Mission came from the founders’ own personal journey with pediatric cancer.  They spent six months living at Boston Children’s Hospital while their infant son underwent treatment. During their journey, they identified many ways life could be improved for both patients and their families.  Their experience inspired them to start a foundation that would help to ease the devastating toll this disease takes on both patients and their families.            


Children and families dealing with cancer experience anguish that is all-encompassing and essentially invisible to those outside the hospital corridors.  Children must endure painful treatments and lengthy hospital stays while their families cope with unimaginable stress, anxiety and financial strain. It’s a nightmare for the children, parents and siblings who must face this devastating disease.

Your support of One Mission will help fund programs and services that brighten the road to recovery for children with cancer and their families by:

- Making the journey easier during treatment and hospitalization.

- Providing emotional support to patients, parents and siblings.

- Making the hospital experience less scary and intimidating.

- Providing financial relief to families in need.

- Helping to ease the daily toll of hospitalization.  

- Bringing smiles to the faces of sick children.




One Mission is a Section 501(c) (3) public charity under the Internal Revenue Code. All donations made to One Mission are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Code.