Who We Are

Today, Child Advocacy Centers are widely recognized as the standard for investigating and treating childhood sexual abuse. Without a Child Advocacy Center, children are subjected to multiple interviews, families are left to navigate a confusing, fragmented child protection system, and child abuse professionals lack the coordinated system critical to ensure children receive the intervention and care tailored to each child's unique circumstances.

Incorporated in 2004, Pat's Place is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation and is one of just over 700 centers nationwide and 29 centers in North Carolina accredited by the National Children's Alliance. Since inception, Pat's Place has assisted over 3,500 children affected by sexual abuse throughout Mecklenburg County.

As the only child advocacy center in Mecklenburg County serving children from birth to age 18, Pat's Place provides a physical environment where a child's well-being is our first priority, reducing trauma and promoting healing from sexual abuse.

Pat's Place serves as the "hub" to every component and agency involved in a child sexual abuse investigation referred to us in Mecklenburg County. We are the only agency to offer a comprehensive continuum of care throughout each phase of an investigation and this unique ability allows us to educate and raise awareness within the community about sexual abuse. Our staff are highly trained experts in the field of child abuse and their knowledge is extensive to a variety of areas ranging from coping skills to defense mechanisms, and crisis intervention techniques to risks for suicidality.

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