National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty - Rachel's Fund

Rachel’s Fund is a new national campaign designed to encourage and assist the building of connections between NCADP Affiliates and the families of violent crime victims, death row inmates and organizations that serve them. <p> The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty established Rachel’s Fund in the memory of Rachel King, a leading abolitionist. Rachel, through her writing and advocacy, sought to create a better understanding of the needs of families of murder victims and families of people on death row. It's Rachel’s vision of communities coming together to promote healing and to change public policy on the death penalty that Rachel’s Fund is intended to promote. <p> Rachel’s Fund helps NCADP affiliates raise money through modern online fundraising tools – contributions that then are used to both support abolition campaigns and build connections with victims of violence. Affiliates may use the funds they raise through Rachel’s Fund to enhance their victims’ families outreach efforts, support local victims’ service organizations, or other activities. <p> In recognizing the common bond of suffering shared by family members in the aftermath of violent crime and homicide, Rachel’s Fund seeks to bring abolitionists and survivors of violent crime together to be a part of the solution. <p> For more information, <a href=""></a>

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