Welcome to Renfroe’s first ever Serve-A-Thon PTA fundraiser!


Help us reach our $20,000 goal today!


From February 28th through March 14th, Renfroe students and their families will volunteer in their community - either at an organized volunteer event or by simply helping a neighbor, friend or family member in need at no charge. Students will seek pledges for their volunteer time and all funds raised will go towards the many wonderful things the Renfroe PTA (aka the PTA GEORGIA CONGRESS) supports.

PTA funds directly support innovative teacher grants, Rock Eagle 7th grade outdoor education, all field trips, cultural experiences like band and choral student performances, art shows, dances and the 8th grade end of year celebrations.

Additionally, funds are used to celebrate our teachers and staff, the ones who make our school so great!

Unlike selling cookie dough and disposable widgets, as in the past, the Serve-A-Thon allows Renfroe students to invest their energy in serving others and creating an even stronger culture of caring among our students and community. #RMSserves!

Donate today!