2018 Albany Ride For Missing Children

Friday, September 21, 2018


 Welcome to the 11th Annual Albany - Ride For Missing Children. 

Prepare To Be Moved!  


What participants learn immediately is that this event is "not about a bike ride" and is so much more than raising money for a very worthy cause.  It is about raising awareness of the plight of missing children, and spreading a message of abduction prevention and of hope – that this group will never stop searching for your missing child. It is about a mission "to make our children safer …one child at a time". The bicycles are simply a vehicle to help carry the message along.

This event is as emotionally draining as it is physical, but so rewarding. It is about raising awareness of what we can do to help stop child predators and bring missing kids back to somewhere safe. It raises needed funds to help distribute posters of missing children and support the mission of NCMEC-NY. Each Rider wears a pin of a missing child that they are Riding for. It becomes very personal.

We Will Always Have Hope and Will Never Stop Searching For Your Missing Child!


To get ready for the approximately 100 mile bike ride, preparations and training happen year round. There are several training rides that occur in the months leading up to our Ride Day. During these Rides our RFMC Shepards will ensure  all safety precautions are met and help you understand the importance of why we Ride. They will gladly offer advise about having the right cycling apparel, bike fit and maintenance tips to maximize your ability to prepare both mentally and physically.

All participating Riders make a vow to raise a minimum of $300 and to support the mission and goals of The Ride and NCMEC-NY. Our local Center: NCMEC-NY/Capital Region provides educational programs free of charge in our local schools to teach our children how to me safe in the community as well as online. They also help create and distribute posters of missing children locally, nationally as well into Mexico and Canada.