Please read important information.

Volunteer Eligibility – Volunteers must be age 15 by the day of the Ride (June 1, 2018).  On the day of the Ride Volunteers younger than 18 must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian.  That Parent/Guardian must also complete a Volunteer application.  Volunteers are invited to participate in the monthly Rider and Volunteer meetings.  Please be advised that volunteers will be required to attend 2 or more of these Volunteer meetings as preparation for the Ride.  More information will be given regarding the Volunteer meetings which volunteers are also expected to attend to learn specifics for the day of the ride.  You will be notified of the dates of these required meetings.  NEW VOLUNTEERS MUST HAVE PICTURES TAKEN THIS YEAR along with returning volunteers that did not volunteer in 2016 or 2017.  Look for dates and times in the RFMC bulletin or on the website.

Day of Ride volunteers MUST be available from 5:00 am for bus loading at the New Hartford Shopping Center to the end of the day when all duties are completed at the New Hartford Rec Center (about 6:30 pm).

You are under no obligation to create a donation  page.  However, if you would like to create a donation page you may do so.

Please note there is a RFMC Mohawk Valley Volunteers Facebook page created where you can find important information.  You can get all the information regarding volunteering on the facebook page, the monthly Ride bulletin, and the main Ride webpage blog.

We are grateful every year to have a dedicated support staff that works tirelessly side by side with our Riders to complete the mission of the Ride for Missing Children – To make our children safe… one child at a time.

Please select Register on the right side of the screen to fill out the volunteer application.