4xKIDS sponsored by Fat Boys Jeepers

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Benefiting Riley Children's Foundation

Fat Boys Jeepers have visited with campers at Camp Riley since 2002….taking campers on high adventure Jeep rides through the hills and valleys of Bradford Woods.  The campers have a great time, and our members have a life changing experience when they visit with the campers. Our membership has been so impressed with Camp Riley and the campers that we that we asked the Riley Foundation how we might have a long term benefit to the camp, a project that could be used and enjoyed for 30 years or more, while touching the lives of hundreds of campers.

Fat Boys Jeepers will fund the construction and maintenance of a Challenge course at Camp Riley.  Challenge courses are made up of a series of structures or elements that are built in order to challenge participants physically, emotionally and mentally. These structures can be built close to the ground (low course) or stand high above the ground (high course), and are mostly constructed on trees, poles or metal structures.  The cost of this project is estimated to be $60,000, with another $15,000 endowment to help offset maintenance and upkeep cost.

We have created 4xKIDS to help focus our funding efforts.  Our largest annual event held in the spring of the year is the 4xKIDS JAM at French Lick, IN.  This event invites Jeep enthusiast from the 5 state areas to come spend a weekend running the trails in southern Indiana, while learning about the exceptional work done at Camp Riley.  Of course, we will continue our annual Jeep trail rides at Camp Riley for the campers in late June.

Thank you for your interest in 4xKIDS and the campers at Camp Riley.   Please consider making a donation to help us complete the Challenge course at Camp Riley.  If you would like additional information about 4xKIDS or Fat Boys Jeepers, please visit our website at www.4xKIDS.org