2017 Longest Day of Golf Featuring Zach Baron

Monday, October 02, 2017


Last year, RSDSA hit the green with professional golfer Zach Baron to partake in a version of the Longest Day of Golf. Zach was able to complete 72 holes, and that was with him needing to leave early! Sponsors all over the country pledged either a per hole amount or a one-time amount to support this event.

We are bringing Zach back this year. On October 2, he will be taking to the green to complete as many holes of golf as possible for people living with CRPS/RSD. We need your help to make this event successful.

This FirstGiving page is for one time donations. This means that it is your grand total donation. If you'd like to pledge per hole that Zach completes, please email Samantha by clicking here.

Submit your one time donations to RSDSA's LDOG here and encourage everyone you know to do so. We will post updates on October 2!