Welcome to Home Base for the support initiatives of the Spina Bifida Association of Arizona!

Thank you for your interest in fulfilling the mission to spread awareness of spina bifida and enhance the lives of those affected in Arizona.

Since 1978 when a small group of concerned parents met to share information and resources to ensure the best care for their children, SBAAZ has desired to be responsive to the needs of the SB community and provide connection points to assist with information sharing and solutions to current challenges.

We are a community and hope you will feel welcome whether you are a local business, area resident, product vendor, caregiver, civic leader, co-worker, friend or family  member. 

Please see SBAAZ.org for additional information about our programs and services- and be aware that SBAAZ is a qualified charity for the Arizona tax credit (formerly Working Poor Tax Credit)

This dollar for dollar credit has the abiltiy to REVOLUTIONIZE the amount of resources for our programming as MOST donors receive their donation amount REFUNDED to them by the state of Arizona when they file their annual tax return. In 2016 up to $800 per couple filing jointly, $400 single/head of household.

Play 2016 Spina Bifida Association of Arizona SBAAZ Activities