2017 - SBAGNE Walk-N-Roll - Portland Maine

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Benefiting Spina Bifida Association of Greater New England

The SBAGNE Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida will take place on Saturday, August 26, 2017 in Portland Maine.

Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida is a family friendly, non-competitive, one-mile walk event and educational resource fair that raises awareness of Spina Bifida and celebrates the accomplishments of the over 180,000 American living with its challenges. Proceeds are used to support local community programs and services for all affected by Spina Bifida.

The name "Walk-N-Roll" was selected because it embodies a sense of inclusiveness and invokes the sense of empowerment which the Spina Bifida Community embraces in all that it does. A belief in a better tomorrow is our vision and the steps taken in this walk represent steps on a path to realizing that dream.

To Create a Team, Join a Team as a Walker/Roller or Donate, click on the Fundraise Button.

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Registration starts at 9 AM and the Walk at 10:30 AM.

When you raise funds to support the Spina Bifida Association of Greater New England you earn great prizes!

Last year the average walker raised $250.  You can too!!

Show your support and wear your official Walk-N-Roll T-shirt on the day of the walk by turning in at least $100 by Walk Day. Turn in donations by September 30th to qualify for prizes. In order to qualify for prizes, monies must be posted to your individual account.

You Raise: $100
You Earn: Official Walk-N-Roll T-shirt
Your Donation Underwrites these Services: 20 Illumination Packets

You Raise: $250
You Earn: Tote Bag
Your Donation Underwrites these Services: 20 Newborn/Born to be Amazing Packets

You Raise: $500
You Earn: Picnic Blanket
Your Donation Underwrites these Services: Attendance for 1 parent/teen to BEST or BLING

You Raise: $1000
You Earn: Opportunity to hit Rebecca Sherlock and Ellen Dugan with whipped cream pie!
Your Donation Underwrites these Services: 2 Editions of the SBAGNE Quarterly News

You Raise: $2500
You Earn: Folding Chair/Cooler Combo
Your Donation Underwrites these Services: 4 "Get Active" Events

You Raise: $5000+
You Earn: $250 American Express Gift Card
Your Donation Underwrites these Services: Annual Holiday Parties

***Incentive prizes are not cumulative

As a non-profit, we are very grateful for your support, but we are also dependent on the funds you raise. A large part of the donation money we receive comes through the FirstGiving website. It is a convenient way for individuals to donate.

FirstGiving charges a service fee to SBAGNE for each donation made. FirstGiving provides an option to individuals who are making an online donation to cover the fee (on the Donation page). In 2015 SBAGNE paid just over $5,000 in credit card processing fees. This $5,000 could have been used to boost our current programs or launch a new one.

As an organization, we ask you to please consider paying that extra fee when you are making a donation and remind your supporters as well. By paying slightly more, you can make a significant impact.