Sickle Cell Awareness Virtual 5k Run/Walk

Saturday, April 01, 2017


Help Spread Sickle Cell Disease Awareness while assisting in finding a Cure!!

“Moving with Purpose" – Sickle Cell Awareness Virtual 5K!!!

What is a Virtual 5K?

Simply put, a virtual 5K (3.1 miles) is a race you do on your own time. You don’t need to get up early, you don’t need to do it on a weekend, you do it when it works for YOU. You decide your day and your time, you put on your shoes and you get first place!

When is it?

Registration opens April 1st and closes on September 9th.  The deadline to complete your 5k; however, is September 16th. So, any time between January 1st and September 16th, you can get your run/walk/bike on! 

Do I have to run a whole 5K?

Absolutely not.  You can run, you can walk, you can bike, or you can crawl!  It’s all up to you.  If you don’t have a GPS watch, you can always download free apps, such as: Runtastic, MyFitnessPal, Nike+, Strava or Runkeeper (just to name a few) and it’ll tell you when you’ve completed your 5K, but if you’re walking steadily, you can usually knock it out in about an hour.

How do you know if I’ve actually completed my 5K?

We’d love for you to post a fun run/walk/bike photo to the Sickle Cell Association of Hampton Roads FacebookTwitter or Instagram using the hashtag #RUNSCHRVA5K.  We'll give a special prize for our favorite fun photo.  You can also shoot me an email to let me know you’ve done it to

Why should I sign up for this Virtual 5K?

You will be a part of spreading sickle cell awareness to those who may have no idea or know very little of this disease as well as financially assisting with works towards a cure.

What do I get as a runner?

Aside from the great feeling you get by knowing you’ve helped a Sickle Cell Fighter! You’ll get a printable race bib and a beautiful, shiny red sickle cell awareness ribbon medal featuring a 2017 patriotic ribbon to represent your assistance as a SICKLE CELL CRUSADER!