SOFT Stroll for Hope 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013


   Our 3rd Annual SOFT Stroll for Hope is underway!  We will be "strolling" around the ballroom at the Crown Plaza "strutting our stuff" to all the viewers!  This is our time to shine! Come and join us by wearing your favorite family themed t-shirts or decorate your wheelchair or stroller.  Then walk with us and let everyone see just how wonderful this SOFT family is!

    The Stroll is sponsored by our family in memory of our angel Jonathan (partial trisomy 13, 5, 3). We were blessed with this beautiful boy for 10 years and trust us, Jonathan loved to "strut (or roll) his stuff".  We will be awarding prizes at the Stroll for "Best Dressed Family"; "Best Dressed SOFT Child"; "Best Decorated Wheelchair/Stroller" and "Most Pledges Raised by Team/Family".    Each winner will receive "SOFT dollars" that can be spent at the SOFT auction.

      Now let's start fundraising....All you have to do is click on the green link that says "join now".  Follow the prompts, post some pictures (if you would like) and you are done!  Now send the link to family and friends (FB is a great place to start!) and watch the donations come in.  It's that easy! 

    If you cannot make the conference this year, but would still like to participate and make a page, please join us!  You can even submit a photo that will be posted on a  board at the event and entered in the contests.   All proceeds from the Stroll are divided between SOFT National for general operations and the SOFT Conference Committee to offset conference costs.

         Soon, we will all be STROLLING into Rhode Island!  Can't wait to see our SOFT family!  


The Cook's