The SOFT Stroll For Hope this year will take place in St. Louis at the  Frontenec Hotel.   The hotel  is a beautiful venue for this exciting addtion to our conference activities.  Strollers will walk around the outside of the hotel showing off their team shirts and/or authentically designed wheelchairs/strollers!  We will be awarding SOFT dollars for the "Most Original" team shirts and "Best Decorated" wheelchair/stroller.  We may even add a few more surprises!  All SOFT dollars can be used to purchase items at the auction on Saturday evening.

This year, the Cook Family will be sponsoring the stroll.  Each family will receive a gift selected from the Cook's,, in memory of their angel Jonathan.  There will also be a special gift for each Trisomy child.

So what are you waiting for?  Click on the link provided, design your page and start gathering pledges for SOFT,  It really is that easy!   Then meet us in St. Louis...........................  =)