Consider donating $10, $25, $50 or $100 to St. Mary's Hospitality House.

Your donation goes a long way!

Over the past twenty-four months, the Hospitality House has provided shelter, food, and emotional support for over 5,500 patients and guests from 36 states and 2 countries, representing over 8,900 guest nights. Three out of four guests have loved ones being cared for at St. Mary’s, but the House supports all other hospital providers in the area, as well as Hospice of Huntington.

During this season of giving, please join me in supporting this great service to families of patients in our care. This House is our way of extending community and our caring Appalachian culture to others near and far, and is a great ministry to families of our patients during their most vulnerable days, weeks or months.

  • $10 can supply laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, toiletries, paper products and food for our houseguests while staying with us.
  • $25 can cover all the above, plus can assist us in subsidizing the cost of a family's stay for one evening if they are unable to pay.
  • $50 can supply all the above, including subsidizing a guest's stay at a greater length of time.  It can cover the cost of a family of four to shower, eat, wash their clothes and get meaningful rest with us for 2 nights.
  • $100 can allow a family of four to stay a total of 5 nights at a reduced rate.  It also gives us the ability to have functions and activities for our houseguests, particularly those who are here on an extended stay.  For example, we have bible studies, tailgate parties and movie nights--it helps us provide activities for our guests to afford them a breather from the heaviness of their days at the medical center.  This amount can also help us maintain our linen supplies (blankets, sheets and towels).  It also helps us provide security overnight, 7 days a week.


St. Mary's Hospitality House is an extension of the mission of St. Mary's Medical Center and is generously supported by The Foundation at  St. Mary's, the St. Mary's Auxiliary and countless community partners and friends. The house is our way to further support patients and their families by providing the necessities of shelter, nourishment and emotional support in their most vulnerable moments, when they or someone they know and love is in a medical crisis.