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    Alexandra Wazny

    $511 raised
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    Molly Rood

    $350 raised $300 goal
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    Rachel Garner

    $300 raised $200 goal
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    Rebecca Leslie

    $285 raised $75 goal
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    Brittany Haase

    $270 raised $100 goal
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    Laurie King

    $225 raised $150 goal
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    Brigette Walsh

    $220 raised
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    Gavin Kurtz

    $180 raised $100 goal
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    Tammy Olson

    $152 raised $300 goal
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    Meghan McGuire

    $135 raised $75 goal
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  1. Cheryl Abaravich Late? sorry but good luck! $25.00
  2. Therese and Allen hope you survive lol $20.00
  3. John & Eileen Hauser I hope you can get dry quickly! $40.00
  4. Aileen Abaravich $25.00
  5. Anonymous $45.00
  6. Tim Stacie Bekka jack jossie Brrrrrr $50.00
  7. The Fink's are crazy!!! $20.00
  8. JoAnne and Patrick Caveney HAve fun girlie! Your gonna freeze your buns off! $20.00
  9. Rose Stay warm! XOXO $20.00
  10. Mama Martin The snow came just in time. Have fun! $20.00
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